Hypnotherapy Treatments in Buxton

Dealing with Anxiety and Phobias, Would you like to get rid of all the worries and stress in your life?

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Would you like to lose weight naturally and keep it off. I can help you lose weight.

Hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking

I have had success in helping people to stop smoking, let me help you today.

Hypnotherapy For IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome troubling you? Speak to Me so that she can start helping you now.

Hypnotherapy For Confidence

Low Confidence? Let us help you build up your confidence to a level where you start believing in your self again.

Welcome to Purethoughts Hypnotherapy

Does it feel like you are always trying to balance your life or overcome problems that you are facing.

Do you have trouble dealing with obsessions. Do you feel like your just not making progress and wished that you were. Do you feel that you would like to improve your life and live a much fuller and happier life?

Why not try a session of Hypnotherapy to see how it can enhance your life. At Purethoughts, My aim is is to understand the problems that you are facing. We will then work to find the cause or underlying issue, once this is found we will work with you to overcome the problem and leave you feeling much happier and fulfilled.

What do we treat?

Hypnotherapy is available for individuals suffering from all kinds of disorders. Because the mind is such a powerful instrument, it is in control of all our daily thoughts, emotions, actions, responses and everything else that is going on in our lives.
But when this process is disrupted by unexplained fears or phobias. Panic attacks can occur giving you anxiety attacks, or you could get help a IBS Treatment giving relief to IBS-related symptoms, which could be painful.
Weight gain is another common problem just like depression which can suddenly manifest which you can't explain at all. Smoking is another problem that I can help with, a how to stop smoking hypnotherapy treatment which is designed to help you stop smoking quickly and easily.
All these emotions and feelings are deeply rooted within you.
A Hypnotherapy treatment is designed to identify the common problems of modern life and delve into the possible causes. Once a underlying issue is identified, the treatment process can begin. This allows you to heal and become free of the problem or issue.

Purethoughts Treatments

A Hypnotherapy treatment has to be carried out by a qualified Hypnotherapist, I am a qualified and have a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. I trained through the S.C.C.P for a clinical hypnotherapy qualification.

Free Consultation

I offer a free consultation when we first meet so I can find out more about you, and what you would like to accomplish in your treatment.

Hynotherapy CD's

My Relaxation and Sleep Hypnotherapy CD is available to buy and download.

The Hypnotherapy Treatment

If you have never been for a hypnotherapy treatment before and would like to know more about what happens during a treatment, please read below:

I will first listen to you, to understand the exact problem that you are facing.

A treatment plan will be designed to accomplish your goals.

The first treatment could last between 45 minutes and two hours depending on the issue.

After the treatment, I will explain how many more sessions would be required.

You will leave feeling a lot lighter and happier knowing that you are on your goal path to achieving freedom from your issues and problems.

When we work together, it is important that you want to overcome the problems in life holding you back. Some problems like a fear of animals could be overcome in one session, where a self confidence problem could be overcome in 5 sessions.

No one experiences the same problem in the same way, so timescales do vary between 1 and 5 sessions.

Have a look at our hypnotherapy for snoring treatment testimonials page to see how my customers have benefited and are really enjoying having full control of their lives now.

Have a look at our FAQ page, If you have any questions about Hypnotherapy.

Purethoughts Hypnotherapy is based in Buxton, Derbyshire and works with customers from South Yorkshire and Staffordshire. We are also close to Wheston, Hargatewall, Blackwell, Taddington, Sheldon, Bakewell, Baslow and Bradwell.

You can find a map on our Contact Me page of where we are located.

Free parking is available to all customers.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the treatments I provide.