Hypnotherapy For Snoring Helped Me Sleep Better At Night

How Can Hypnotherapy For Snoring Help?

My husband’s snoring had got worse over the last couple of years. Especially if he, had a couple of drinks. I would endlessly nudging him, telling him to “Be Quiet”! My sleep was not of good quality.  I had enjoyed several sessions of hypnotherapy for snoring from Sara, of Purethoughts, I know it has truly helped my sleep patterns.

I noticed a change, after the first couple of sessions. I began to think “oh! He’s stopped snoring!” or, “I must be so tired, that I have slept extra deeply”. But then I noticed that I was sleeping through the night undisturbed, even when he had been drinking. Also I noticed that if he fell asleep “40 winks” in the chair, or went to bed early, then the snoring was apparent loud oh dear.

I know the hypnosis has worked, the snoring has been “blocked out” So that my mind does not hear it.

I thoroughly recommend ‘Purethoughts’ with Sara, as a way to get an undisturbed, peaceful deep sleep, with no more snoring.

Shirley Alleway

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