Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia Cures Sleeping Disorder.

I (Graham Alleway) have always suffered from some degree of snoring, although in the latter years it has become more prominent. The medical specialists refused to treat me as my BMI was 32 and needed to be at least 30 or preferably 25. The prospect was continuing poor quality sleep because Shirley being unable to sleep due to my snoring, and disturbed sleep for me, with the continual hectoring about the snoring.

It was not a case of only me being guilty of snoring, Shirley often snored being overweight too, but it isn’t as prolific as mine. Although being a noise that breaks the silence of the night. I wasn’t irritated by it and could place it at the back of my conscious and resume sleep.

Anyhow there appeared to be an option to deal with the situation by hypnosis for Shirley through a number of sessions of hypnotherapy for insomnia with Sara. The results have been effective with a reduction in the hectoring, and reportedly better sleep duration for Shirley when she self-administers the process for inducing the ability to switch off her consciousness to the snoring sound.

We appreciate of the respite achieved so far with Hypnotherapy.

Graham Alleway.

Hypnotherapy Treating Cured My Snoring

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